Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Preventing You From Doing Anything Else for the Next Hour...

Toy Machine - Welcome to Hell, 1996.

Alien Workshop - Photosynthesis, 2000.

My two all-time favorites. It had to be done.

Welcome to Hell meant a lot to me when it first came out. My middle school ritual was to come home, fire up the VCR and watch that sucker start to (almost) finish (usually skipping history's greatest slam section), then go jump off of things or try to learn hardflips in front of the house.

Welcome to Hell came to signify a lot of firsts for me. It was probably the first time I got psyched on the Misfits (thanks, Maldonado), the first time I might have thought that Iron Maiden wasn't lame as hell, and definitely the first time I saw Ed Templeton's balls...Sweet, sweet memories.

This compilation of badass skateboarding has earned its place as one of the greatest ever made. It still rules 14 years later.

And jeez, what are you supposed to say about Photo? Well, nothing, I guess. Everyone knows that this tape is still bringing the noise to this day. This video contains 4 of skateboarding's favorites sons' best video parts: Pappalardo, Wenning, Kalis and the totally beautiful and insane Dill ender. Good god. Does anyone else just get misty when you hear the intro to "I Am Waiting?"

It's probably been at least a few months since you've seen either one of these, so do yourself a favor...If you've moved past watching them on a daily basis, as I regrettably have, then at least have a viewing for old times' sake.

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  1. i hope god makes you break your leg..



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