Tuesday, January 31, 2012

NYC Magic: Supra in the City

Muska MVP, natch.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Screaming Females on NPR; Barr Brothers on Letterman

Buddy Merrill Swangin'

They're years ahead of us...

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Thrasher Double Rock: Habitat

International playboy Stefan Janoski retains his title of Handsomest Dude on Four Wheels. NKOTB Mark Suciu is ridiculously good. Jerry Hsu may have pioneered the knock-knee style, but young GQ subscriber Austyn Gillette brings it to the next level.

Wes Anderson's Moonrise Kingdom Official Trailer

Opens May 25.

Ume "Gleam" for Esme Barrera

Download the track on Bandcamp. Name your own price. All proceeds go directly to the family of Esme Barrera. Below is the information supplied by Ume regarding the situation and song. 

Our community recently lost an amazing friend, activist, teacher, and music fan. Esme Barrera was murdered early New Year's Day at her home in central Austin.

I had the honor of working with Esme for 4 years at Girls Rock Camp Austin. We rarely encounter people so inspiring -- whose compassion and joy are contagious. Esme was the unique gift of a person who could ease a new girl's fear at Rock Camp with a hug -- who a Waterloo customer remembers for her smile -- who a local band remembers for rocking out in the front row. Esme was the epitome of awesome.

The day after I heard the news she was gone, I went into Resonate Studios with Louie Lino to track a song I'd been holding inside for a long time and that I wanted to dedicate to Esme. Louie offered to add keyboards and the result of this January afternoon is what you hear above.

During recording, I learned that Esme once lived above the studio and was a dear friend of Louie and his family. I've been overwhelmed with how many people her light has touched. Even now Esme is inspiring our community and bringing people together. This song is simply an attempt to honor that inspiration and to give something back. Thank you, Esme, for all that you gave and thank you, Louie, for working with me on this song.

100% of all sales will go straight to Esme's family. Please give what you can through naming your own price for the song or by donating directly to forouresmeb.blogspot.com.

Lauren / Ume

"The year she lived with us, Esme became part of my family. She has been a friend, my daughter's teacher and my musical touchstone ever since I've known her. We can't replace her. But she will always inspire us." 
~ Louie Lino, January, 2012


before you and I
change our minds
and let this go to waste
don't let it go
too fast
I can't turn it back
to love and not neglect
all that we have
...falling through clouds
with the rain
and if you go
your shine will remain
and if you're lost
I will explain the way for you
hold on til you feel the rain stop
hold on til you hear the rain stop
all that you'd give
is all that you had
never gonna give
never gonna give up
on you


released 12 January 2012
written by Lauren Langner Larson / Ume

produced by Louie Lino and Ume
recorded by Louie Lino at Resonate in Austin, TX

guitars and vocals by Lauren Langner Larson
keyboards by Louie Lino

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Gilbert Crockett AWS Life Splicing

Pretty heavy for a web clip.

Sick Videos

Casey Rigney is amazing.

Vans Europe in NYC

RIP Autumn.

Steve Nesser Familia part.